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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Operation of Carbon Points System

Healthier life of people is being supported by measuring ambient air quality and provision of measured data

K-eco is providing people and related organization with air quality information by operating national ambient air quality monitoring network. Also, K-eco collect, manage measured data from nation wide ambient air quality monitoring stations and provides real time data including concentration of PM10, PM2.5 through real-time ambient air quality monitoring system, Airkorea

Operation of National Air quality monitoring network

Status of ambient air quality monitoring operation(June. 2023, K-eco)
Status of ambient air quality monitoring operation(Jan. 2023, K-eco) list
Total Suburb Background station Port Hazardous air Acid deposition Photochemical air pollutant Earth climate PM-2.5 constituent
269 27 46 29 62 42 20 1 42

Operation of Airkorea(Real-time Ambient Air quality Monitoring system)

Measured data at air monitoring station are transmitted and collected to NAMIS and then opened to the public
National Local Ambient network and meteorological Admin., Production of air quality data>National air monitoring information system, Collect Confirmation Statistics process>Real-time Ambient Air quality Monitoring system, Utilization distrivution
Available information of Airkorea
Available information of Airkorea list
Classification Contents
Opened Network Measured information from 645 Nationwide air quality monitoring stations (Urban· Street, National background, Suburb, Port)
Measuring Items PM10, PM2.5, O3, NO2, CO, SO2
Method Measured value and grade of each station is being provided by every 1 hour
Measure to check air quality information of Airkorea
Measure to check air quality information of Airkorea list
Airkorea home-page Mobile App. Public or commecial info.
Real time air quality, fore casting, alarming and statistics available Air quality information can be accessed on the move by downloading and using 「Airkorea App」 ·Electric administrative board from local government
·Variously applied commercial App originally utilizing Airkorea data
Main information of Airkorea