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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

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"Change malodor to fragrance"
Malodor Technical departmnet will do it!

In accordance with Article 16-2 of the「Malodor Prevention Act」, it is to prevent malodor generated in the public environmental facilities from causing harm to residents' health and to preserve their living environment, and to manage the systematic and efficient malodor management of public environmental facilities.

Introduce of technical diagnosis

Target facilities for technical diagnosis
  • Public sewage treatment plants with daily treatment capacity over five hundred cubic meters under subparagraphs 9 and 10 of Article 2 of the 「Sewerage Act」
  • Public treatment facilities under subparagraph 9 of Article 2 of the 「Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta」
  • Public wastewater treatment facilities under subparagraph 17 of Article 2 of the 「Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation Act」
  • Facilities that treat (including recycling) food wastes, among waste disposal facilities under subparagraph 8 of Article 2 of the 「Wastes Control Act」
  • Out of facilities installed and operated by the head of the relevant local government, those for which the Mayor/Do Governor, the head of a metropolis, or the head of a Si/Gun/Gu deems it necessary to conduct technical diagnosis because they are likely to cause malodor-induced harm.
Progress system
The head of the local government(Submission of technical diagnosis application, Payment of technical diagnosis fees, Promotion of improvement plan) / Korea Environment Corporation(Establishment of technical diagnosis plan, Technical diagnosis and report) / Ministry of environment(Enactment and revision of the law, General Manager of technical diagnosis)

Technical diagnostic cycle : Every five years
Technical-diagnostic agency : Korea Environment Corporation