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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure


“Change malodor to fragrance”
Malodor Technical departmnet will do it!

K eco(Korea Environment Corporation) is institute for testing designated odor under issue of certificate No. 23. We measure and analyze odors substances from places of business. And we provide reliable analysis results. So we can make fresh life environment and protect national health as providing reduction of odors.

Major Business Contents

  • Measurement and analysis of odors from public environmental facilities and places of business.
  • Measurement and analysis R&D about diagnosing public environmental foundational facilities.
  • Measurement and analysis of environmental technique diagnose about a national, a local government.

Relevant Regulations and Rules

  • Malodor Prevention Act under article 18. (Odor testing institute)
  • National institute of environmental research notice under article 2010-38. (Designated odor testing institute under issue of certificate No. 23)
  • To applicate odor process test method as malodor prevention act under article 5 and enforcement ordinance the 1st clause of article 9, (National Institute of Environmental Research notice under article 2005-4)

Odor Substances Measurement and Analysis Method

  • Measuring complex odors : Using the olfactory sense directly, as air dilution olfactory method.
  • Measuring designated odor substances : Using the analysis instruments for analysing 22 kinds of designated odor substances quantitatively as instrumental analysis method.

Odor Substances Analysis Item (23 species)

Odor Substances Analysis Item (23 species) list


Odor Substances Analysis Item

Complex Odors

Complex Odors




(22 species)


(1 species)



(1 species)


Sulfur Compounds

(4 species)

Hydrogen sulfide, Methyl mercaptan, Dimethyl sulfide, Dimethyl disulfide

Fatty Acids

(4 species)

Propionic acid, n-Butyric acid,

n-Valeric acid, i-Valeric acid.

Aldehyde (5 species)

Acetaldehyde, Propionaldehyde, Butyraldehyde, Valeraldehyde, i-Valeraldehyde

VOCs (7 species)

MEK(Methyl ethyl ketone), i-Butyl alcohol MIBK(Methyl isobutyl ketone), Toluene, Butyl acetate, Styrene, Xylene

Application of Odor Substances Measurement and Analysis

Preparing Documents and Application > Issuing Tax Invoice > Examining Documents > Sampling and Analysing Odor Substances > Analysing Results > Issuing Test Reports / * Please confirm by telephone or e-mail whether the analysis request is possible

Test Application Method

  • Application form of measurement and analysis
  • Commission of Odor substances measurement and analysis