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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

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We will endeavor to create a safe soil environment through
soil Survey

The purpose of the soil and groundwater environment Survey is to prevent the spread of pollution and to protect the health of the people by early detection and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Environmental site assessment is conducted at industrial complexes, petroleum law-related facilities, railway facilities and abandoned mines under the Soil Environmetnal Conservation Act.

Soil survey of Industrial Complexes, petroleum law-related facilities, Landfill facilities and etc.

Area with expected or actual pollution(Industrial complexes, Landfill facilities, etc.) are invested to find cause of pollution and lead to contamination of polluted soil.

Basic Survey(Data, On site Hearing Survey) > Primary Survey(Survey point selection (Harzard storage tank weak area etc)) > Primary Survey(Sample collection and analysis) > Detailed Survey(Soil and hydrogeologic Survey, Calculate pollution area and amount) > Administrative Order(Local government: Administrative Order, Business establishment: soil pollution purification)

Soil survey of abandoned mine

We investigate Soil pollution of the Abandoned mine(metal, coal, asbestos) area. And as a result, the related agency take follow-up with appropriate measures.

Preliminary Survey(- get the pollutant, - Survey of soil, water pollution, - selection for detailed soil Survey) > Detailed Survey(- gcheck the contaminant, - estimate furification area and volume) > Request Follow-up measures(- mine reclamation, - residents health effects surbey, - survey on crops safety)
  • Soil contamination flow

    Soil contamination flow

  • Tailing loss (Heavy metal contamination)

    Tailing loss (Heavy metal contamination)

  • Acid Mine drainage (river contamination)

    Acid Mine drainage (river contamination)