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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Low Carbon Green City

Eco-friendly Sustainable Cities for Future generation!

Eco-friendly cities aim to minimize the usage of energy and resources, and to develop
sustainable cities for comfortable human life.

Eco-friendly Sustainable Cities

Backgrounds and Purpose
  • Because of urbanization and industrialization, nature destruction, reduction of biodiversity, pollution, and climate change are intensified.
  • Needs to make strategies to response international debate for sustainable development goal.
  • ’09.07 : Gangneung was designated to ‘Green demonstration city’
  • ’10.03~10 : K-eco conducted ‘Masterplan for Development of Gangneung Low Carbon Green Demonstration City’
  • ’11.09 : Selection of additional target for Low Carbon Green City(Busan & Cheongju)
  • ’13.01 : Name change to ‘Eco-friendly Sustainable Citiy’
  • ’13.11 : Selection of Honam area target(Damyang)
  • ’15.04~12 : K-eco conducted ‘Masterplan for Damyang Eco-friendly Sustainable City’
  • ’15.12~ : Conducting ‘Construction of Damyang Eco-transportation system’
  • ’15.9~ : Conducting Study for ‘Model Development for next Eco-friendly Cities’
Roll of K-eco
  • Policy support and Project conduct to expand and create Eco-friendly Sustainable Cities
Resolving greenhouse gas and energy problems, creating jobs, increasing income, vitalizing rural areas, vitalizing rural tourism

“Eco-friendly Energy Town”
Solution of Greenhouse gas and Energy issues, overcoming NIMBY

New paradigm to solve the problem about environment and energy simultaneously.
Eco-friendly energy town can reduce use of fossil fuel and emission of greenhouse gas
with improving usage of renewable energy.
In addition, with the connection of culture and tourism resource, the town will develop
living environment and improve revenue of local residents.

Eco Energy Town

Background and Purpose
  • Need suggestion of solution plan because of limit to establishment policy of Unwanted·Unpleasant Facilities
  • Change of recognition for overcoming NIMBY(“Not in my back yard) and Need new approach to solve energy issue
  • Selection of 5 Eco-friendly energy town in 2015 (Cheongju-si, Asan-si, Gyeongju-si, Yeongcheon-si, Yangsan-si)
  • Selection of 3 Eco-friendly energy town in 2016 (Jeju-si, Inje-gun, Eumseong-gun)
  • Construction business of Eco-friendly energy town 2017 is in progress
Role of K-eco
  • Support of the policy for successful composition and spread of Eco-friendly Energy Town
A map showing the location of Tabasco

K-eco’s developed technologies and experiments support overseas!

K-eco tries to support foreign developing countries and underdeveloped countries for construction of environmental foundation facilities and policies. In addition, we also support Korean companies’ advance abroad.

Environmental Energy Business in Mexico

Background and Purpose
  • Mexico has fluent solar resources, but lack of technique and finance.
  • K-eco has fluent experience about related fields, and will expand the field from photovoltaic project to environment foundation facilities state by stage.
  • Colima state : MOU(’14.03), Finish of FS for photovoltaic system and submission of proposal(’16.12)
  • Quintana Roo state : MOU(’14.10), Finish of FS for photovoltaic system and submission of proposal(’16.12)
  • Leon city : MOU(’14.10), Finish of FS for photovoltaic system and submission of proposal(’16.04)
  • Penjamo city : MOU(’16.12)
  • Isla Mujeres city : LOI(’16.12), Meeting about policy support and construction of incineration plant
Roll of K-eco
  • Conducting FS, Policy support, Support of private companies’ advance overseass