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Korea Environment Corparation

Management Disclosure

Professional Manpower Training for Waste-to-Energy Thumbnail

"Waste to energy & recycling Manpower Training Project!!”

In accordance with the expansion of new renewable energy supply and the mandatory reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, we concentrate on the core high-level human resources and field-oriented industrial human resources that will lead the field of waste resource energy

Designation and Management of Waste-to-Energy specialized graduate schools

  • Period : 3 years(max)
  • Field : Flammable Waste-to-energy, Organic Waste-to-energy
  • Budget : 300million Won/College/year, (5 Colleges, 1.5 billion won)
  • Contents : Fostering Specialized human resources, Creation of curriculums, Development of teaching materials, Internship etc.

Incumbent course

  • Period : 2 years(max)
  • Field : Waste-to-energy
  • Budget : 100million Won
  • Contents : Development of curriculums(4 times/year)

Council for Human resources development

  • Period : 1 year
  • Field : Waste-to-energy
  • Budget : 50million Won
  • Contents : Analysis of result of Professional manpower training, ex post facto management, PR support etc.

Roll of K-eco

  • Planning, management and evaluation of Professional manpower training project